NFDI4Chem Advisory Boards

NFDI4Chem has assembled its Advisory Boards (ABs). With five to six members each, they represent four different communities: industry, publishers, the national and the international research community.

The ABs provide independent and scientific support and advice to the consortium. They assist NFDI4Chem in ensuring the project’s strategy and progress in terms of meeting the project’s objectives.

Following suggestions from the consortium and discussions in the Steering Committee, the consortium speakers invited the representatives to join the ABs. They first assembled at the Consortium Meeting 2.0 and shared their first impressions of the initiative’s efforts so far. The ABs will continue to meet once a year alongside the full consortium meeting. Their evaluation of the project’s progress will ensure that the consortium is on track and develops and delivers services which align with the mission of the NFDI in general and which address the needs of the chemistry community.

For more information and for a full list of members of our Advisory Boards take a look here.