Data Management Plans

Increasingly, funding agencies require you to include a data management plan (DMP) in your funding proposals. We have found that this is a topic of great confusion to the chemical community. You may have asked yourself what such a DMP should look like and what are the relevant contents.

In NFDI4Chem, we have started working on that topic. Our aim is to assemble subdiscipline-specific resources in order to facilitate the creation of bespoke DMPs for your project needs. For this purpose, we would like to build on the work of the Research Data Alliance working group on Discipline-specific Guidance for DMPs. In addition to the discipline-specific aspects of a DMP, it is important to reflect the overlaps with other disciplines in a DMP. With our contribution to the working group we would like to present and use these synergies.

If you are interested in contributing to this ongoing discussion, if you want to join our DMP task force or if you have any questions about DMPs, please get in touch with us!