Workshop Series – FAIR RDM: Basics for Chemists

To achieve NFDI4Chem’s goal of ensuring that good research data management (RDM) will become second nature to chemists, it is essential that we provide appropriate training opportunities to the community to support them in making their research data FAIR (findable, accessible, interoperable & reusable). To this end we are excited to inform you about a new NFDI4Chem Workshop series starting in 2022: FAIR Research Data Management: Basics for Chemists.

In this two-day course we will take you through the basics of RDM while applying these to a chemistry context. These basic concepts, principles, and more will not only be taught theoretically, but with additional interactive elements involving individual and group work.

The workshop´s objectives are that you

  • can apply the concepts of metadata and data organisation in chemistry.
  • can apply data documentation with a Data Management Plan and get to know some electronic lab notebooks.
  • make the FAIR principles applicable to your chemical research.
  • understand the importance of standards and persistent identifiers.
  • know the terms storage, backup, archiving, and publication and are able to independently search for new chemical repositories.
  • know the services and the supporting infrastructure of your university.

On the one hand, we will hold regular open workshops (in English) that will take place online so that participants from all over Germany can take part on the following dates:

#Day 1Day 2

Sign up for the open workshop here.

On the other hand, we will also carry out workshops at individual institutions upon request, in which we will work together with local research data management officers to address local specifics, requirements, offers, and services, in particular. These workshops can be held online or in person, as required, and in German or English.

The workshops are designed for 20 people and a period of 2 days, 4-6 hours each day.

If your institution is interested in NFDI4Chem holding a bespoke workshop for your institution or if you have any other questions regarding the workshop, contact us via